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The new cold bending belt you understand the glazed tile forming machine placement related principle

Issuing time:2018-11-23 09:23

For glazed tile machine forming machine installation we need to pay attention to a lot of general attention to the installation of steel equipment, screw selection. There are also some temperature changes in the building structure or roof frame, although not as large as the roof, but still reduce the displacement between the roof board and its supporting surface. Finally, this differential displacement is further reduced due to purlin buckling, especially in the span.

Ge machinlazed tile installation of fixed ways have penetration and hidden button hidden two. Penetrating fixation is the most commonly used method for the installation of roof and wall color steel equipment, which means that the color plate is fixed on the supporting parts with self-tapping screws or rivets. Penetrating fixation can be divided into wave crest fixation, wave trough fixation or their combination. There is a very simple, economical and effective method, that is, before the installation of roofing steel plate, purlin or slats on the two-sided reflection foil film, this method can also be used as steam isolation, to reduce condensation. In addition, all the screws except for the fastening screws for concealed fasteners are equipped with waterproof washers, and special washers are provided for the bright plate and special wind pressure. Screws available with plastic head, stainless steel cover or special durable coating. In addition, all the screws except for the fastening screws for concealed fasteners are equipped with waterproof washers, and special washers are provided for the bright plate and special wind pressure. If the film is allowed to sag to a depth of 50-75mm between the supports, the air layer between the film and the roof board will further enhance the insulation. Concealed fastening is a method of fixing the special fastening that is matched with the color plate of the hidden fastening on the supporting parts, the mother rib of the color plate and the central rib tooth of the hidden fastening, which is generally used for the installation of the roofing board.

Selection of self tapping screws. Glazed tile forming machine fixed screw selection should be in accordance with the service life of the structure of the choice of fixed parts, and especially leave accident coating material life and the specified fixed parts life is consistent. The installation of color board is easier to grasp, and the processing of a few details is more important. Color board for the roof should be in the roof and eaves will be color board corresponding edge work, its purpose is to prevent rain more effectively into the roof. The expansion or contraction of the displacement between the terminal and the final support of the glazed tile forming machine is only a small part of the data shown in the table, because the displacement of the fixed plate usually starts from the center and tends to each end of the plate. The displacement at each end is only half the expansion or contraction. Also note that the thickness of the steel purline should not exceed the self-drilling ability of the screw. Currently available screws can be provided with a plastic head, stainless steel cover or coated with a special durable protective layer. Glazed tile machine should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "code for construction and acceptance of steel structure engineering" before lifting, check the appearance and section of glazed tile equipment, the deviation is not allowed to exceed the specified value of the code; Glazed tile machine should be numbered according to the requirements of the design drawings, pop-up installation center mark. The center mark and elevation mark in two directions should pop up on the steel column; Mark the position of the binding point; The length error of the measured column shall be recorded in detail and written in oil on the plane next to the center mark at the bottom of the column for adjustment in the secondary grouting layer at the elevation of the top surface of the foundation.

Workbench has six glazed tile press equipment process, (namely the six-party wheel) of table, in addition to the primary mechanical index, positioning, also set up a set of precise positioning, fully ensure every time stamping process, the workbench mould of accurate positioning, install the sliding table is enclosure structure of upper die, slide guide and fuselage on the guide, contact length, upper die each time stamping, process of mud on the billet is a secondary stamping die pressure tile billet in place for the first time, the upper die 10 ㎜ rise, make the mud after they were fully exhaust, mould pressing down on them again on tile billet in place, did not return to the highest position, thus mould service life is longer than the other.

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