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A brief analysis of the new cold bending - light steel keel forming equipment characteristics

Issuing time:2018-11-21 14:23

Light steel keel machine plays an important role in the keel industry, the application range of light steel keel machine and our life is very close. Then I will briefly tell you about the composition and use of light steel keel machine:
The composition of light steel keel machine: its control system is controlled by PLC, and set up multiple safety protection when running production; The body is welded steel plate, the parts are cast iron structure, both have been tempered, with high strength, long service time.

The use technical requirement of light steel keel machine: its skeleton and spare parts must pass strict examination, no matter be screw or suspender should accord with national relevant standard. The choice of binder should be based on the performance of the main material to choose, and before use, through the bonding test to prove the degree of bonding..

In addition, the machine's cover panel, plastic seam, etc. should be selected through the design specification, and from the variety, specifications, quality and other aspects of consideration.

Card keel advantages:

1. High-standard section size: the height of flange is higher than the

national standard, with great inertia, strong structural stability and easy construction.
2. Good stability and longer service life of the ceiling.
3.Card keel is not only easy to use, and the combination of strength and stability greatly improved. The utility model has the advantages of longer service life, material saving and low comprehensive cost.
4. Card keel standard buckle way, can maintain keel level for a long time, not easy to happen small rust, keel deformation caused by the condole top wave phenomenon.
5. The partition wall of card type keel has the functions of light weight, high strength, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, sound-proof, sound-absorbing and constant temperature.
6. Excellent corrosion resistance: using high-quality continuous hot galvanized zinc sheet as raw material, with strong adhesion of zinc layer, the amount of two-sided zinc plating reaches or exceeds the national standard of first-class products.
7. Advanced finishing system: product flatness, straightness, small internal stress, ensure no stress deformation.
8. The combination strength is large, which greatly increases the smoothness and precision of the stress strength.
9. With the characteristics of saving labor, saving materials and good acceptance, it has the advantages of short construction period and simple construction.



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